ServingNotice is on a mission to provide premium Talents 10X Faster to Talent Seekers

For the first time, the process is Candidate Driven.
Candidate Decides - Candidate Chooses - Candidate Selects

Unlock Your Opportunities With Our Innovative AI-Driven Job Application Tool

Verified candidates receive 10 times faster interview requests
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For Talent Seekers

  • Subscribe to the portal
  • Select the plan
  • Based on the plan you will appear on the prospect selection page for applying candidates
  • Receive the resume of verified candidates
  • AI will provide continuous input on candidate preference
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For Talent

  • Click the Submit Resume button.
  • Submit the resume to the ServingNotice portal
  • Complete the ServingNotice details
  • Select the top 5 and next 5 prospect companies you wish to work with
  • Receive AI-driven input on HOT companies, HOT Jobs, and HOT career
  • AI will provide continuous input on candidate preference
  • Complete the ServingNotice details
  • Validate your candidate
  • Verified candidates receive 10X faster interview requests
  • Get ready for the interview

How does it work?

We are driven by curiosity, passion, optimism, and the belief that everybody can grow.
We partner with Talent and Talent Seekers to create a win-win experience
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